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    FOP 65th Biennial Conference:

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  • Conference Agenda
    Updated On: Aug 16, 2021

    Agenda for the 65th Biennial National Conference
    of the Grand Lodge Fraternal Order of Police

    NOTE: The Post-Conference Board Meeting will convene on Friday, August 20, 2021 at the JW Marriott Hotel in the White River Ballroom at 9:00AM



    Monday August 16, 2021

    1. Opening of the Lodge for Business: Joe Gamaldi, Vice President

    2. Call of the Conference: Jimmy Holderfield, National Secretary

    3. Instructions to Delegates: Joe Gamaldi, National Vice President

    Call for Adoption of Instructions

    4. Roll Call of Officers: Jimmy Holderfield, National Secretary

    5. First Report of Credentials Committee: Colette Smith, Chair

    6. Roll Call of Delegates: Jimmy Holderfield, National Secretary

    Motion to defer to Thursday

    7. Appointment of Conference Committees: Patrick Yoes, National President & Joe Gamaldi, National Vice President

    Resolution Committee

    Election Committee

    Grievance Committee

    8. Reading of Rough Minutes of Pre-Conference Board Meeting: Jimmy Holderfied, National Secretary

    9. Instruction on Introduction of Resolutions: David Nixon, Chairman, Resolutions Committee

    10. Reports of National Executive Officers

    Patrick Yoes, National President

    Joe Gamaldi, National Vice President

    Jimmy Holderfield, National Secretary

    Tom Penoza, National Treasurer

    Les Neri, National Second Vice President

    Keith Turney, National Sergeant at Arms

    Rob Pride, Chairman of National Trustees

    11. Reports of Past National Presidents

    Kenneth "Chuck" Canterbury, Immediate Past President

    Gilbert Gallegos, Past President

    Dewey Stokes, Past President

    Richard Boyd, Past President

    John Dineed, Past President

    12. National Trustees: Any Trustee wishing to report

    13. Speaker: Franklin Graham, CEO of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

    14. Reporte of General Counsel: Larry James, Esq.

    15. Report of Executive Director James O. Pasco & National Leglisative Committee: Bob Cherry, Chair

    16. Report of Director of Labor Services Timothy Mullaney & Labor Service Committee: Mike Powell, Chair

    17. Report of Legal Defense Committee: Steve James, Chair

    18. Report of Officer Wellness Committee: Director Sherri Martin

    19. Report of National Auxiliary: Linda Hennie, President

    20. Report of National Associates: Bernard Martin, President

    21. Announcements: Keith Turney, Sergeant-At-Arms & Danny Overley, Conference Chair

    Recess for the day

    Tuesday August 17, 2021


    1. Second Report of Credentials Committee: Colette Smith, Chair

    2. Report of Awards Committee, Ed Brannigan, Chair

    2021 Jack Dudek Member of the Yar Award Presentation

    3. Report of Border Safety: Karla Pruneda-Valadez, Chair

    4. Report of Compliance & Audit Committee: Steve Gaynor, Chair

    5. Report of CBS - Cold Case Files: Tina Trimble, Chair

    6. Report of Correctional Officers Committee: Ken Hawkins, Chair

    7. Report of Critical Incident Media Response Committee: Joe Gamaldi, Chair

    8. Report of Disaster Relief Committee: Dennis McCrary, Chair

    9. Report of DART Committee: Jason Smith, Chair

    10. Report of the Diversity Committee: Robert Gaddy, Chair

    11. 10:00 AM TIME CERTAIN

    Report of Easterseals Committee: Robert "Rocky" Nowaczyk, Chair

    Steve Young Easterseals Humanitarian Award Presentation

    Maurice Snell, Easterseals Ambassador

    12. Report of Education Committee: Ron Bartimer, Chair

    13. Report of Federal Officers Committee: Don Snow, Chair

    14. Report of FOP Foundation Ways & Means Committee: Mike Essig, Chair

    FOP Foundation Meeting

    15. Report of FOP History Committee: James Flores, Chair

    16. Report of Labor Services Evaluation Committee: Shawn Roselib, Chair

    17. Report of Law Enforcement Torch Run Committee: Larry Crosman, Chair

    18. 12:00PM TIME CERTAIN

    1. Announcement by State Presidents of newly elected National Trustees

    2. Report of Election Committee: Chris Erb, Chair

    3. Nominations for National Officers:

    a. National President

    b. National vice President

    c. National Secretary

    d. National Treasurer

    e. National 2nd Vice President

    f. National Sergeant At Arms

    * At the completeion of the nominations, each candidate will have three (3) minutes to make a presentation to the delegates. 

    4. Nomination for Convention Site

    19. Announcements: Keith Turney, Sergeant At Arms & Danny Overley, Conference Chair

    Recess for Day

    Wednesday, August 18. 2021


    1. Third Report of Credentias Committee: Colette Smith, Chair

    2. 9:30AM TIME CERTAIN

    Report of Constitution & By-Laws Committee: Terry Magnum, Chair

    3. Report of Legal Aid Committee: Darrell Basco, Chair

    4. Report of Site Committee: Todd Bramwell, Chair

    5. Report of EXPO Committee: Nick DiMarco, Chair

    6. Report of Grievance Committee: Mark Donahue, Chair

    7. Report of Heath Care Committee: Tom Lamb, Chair

    8. Report of Marketing Committee: James Smallwood, Chair

    9. Report of Memorial Committee: Andy Maybo and Matt Hagen, Co-Chair

    10. Report of Pension Committee: Kathy Harrell, Chair

    11. Report of Policies & Procedures Committee: Gerry Traynor, Chair

    12. Report of Program Development Committee: Jack Simington, Chair

    13. Report of Recruitment Committee: Joe Regan, Chair

    14. Report of Resolutions Committee: David Nixon, Chair

    15. Report of Safety & Technology Committee: John Ortolano, Chair

    16. Report of Strategic Planning Committee: James Babb, Chair

    17. Report of Urban Policing Committee: John McNesby & Mike Mancuso, Co-Chair

    18. Announcements: Keith Turney, Sergeant-At-Arms & Danny Overley, Conference Chair

    Rececess for Day

    Thursday August 19, 2021


    1. Final Report of Credentials Committee: Colette Smith, Chair

    2. Final Report of Resolution Committee: David Nixon, Chair

    3. Bills & Communications: Jimmy Holderfield, National Secretary

    4. Unfinished Business

    5. New Business

    6. Good of the Order

    7. Instructions by Election Committee to Delegates: Chris Erb, Chair

    8. Roll Call of Delegates for Election: Credentials Committee

    9. Final Report of Election Committee: Chris Erb, Chair

    10. Installation of Officers: Patrick Yoes, National President

    11. Convocation: Phill Wiggins, National Chaplain

    12. Adjournment

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